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My Favourite Creators (2021)

Here's a list of my favourite creators of 2021!
My Favourite Creators (2021)

If you are looking for my favourite pieces of content from this year, check out this article.

Here I talk about my the creators that I enjoyed the most in 2021.


YouTube Creators

  1. Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD). I'm sure you probably already know him because he makes the best tech videos on YouTube, but I think this year after seeing his second channel, The Studio, which shows the behind-the-scences of how he makes his videos, it's given me a greater appreciation for his content
  2. Reggie Ballesteros. I only discovered Reggie's channel earlier this year when I was looking for photography content using Fujifilm cameras. Reggie is a professional wedding photographer in the US who makes great tutorial videos.
  3. Matt D'Avella. If you're looking for the perfect combination of humour, self-development tips and beautiful filmmaking, then Matt's videos are where it's at. I take a lot of inspiration from his style of videos that I hope to re-create in my own style.
  4. Faizal Westscott. Faizal is a street photographer in NY who makes really chill videos that are just so relaxing to watch. I think you're probably noticing a pattern that I'm fiending photography content right now, which is a major reason why I started by second channel, kj.
  5. Ali Abdaal. I have followed Ali since his early days as a final year medical student making YouTube videos and he was the inspiration behind me starting my channel. He will likely always have a place somewhere on this list.


  1. My First Million. The vibe between the two hosts Sam Parr and Shaan Puri is fantastic and when they "shoot the shit" it's extremely entertaining whilst also being educational and inspiring.
  2. Noah Kagan Presents. Noah is an entrepreneur who interviews interesting guests and mixes this with short sharp bursts of insights that are super valuable.
  3. Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal. You're probably getting the gist that I'm into business podcasts. In this podcast, Ali generally interviews UK-based entrepreneurs, scientists and YouTubers (in other words, interesting people).

Email Newsletters

  1. Mindfully (by Yath Prem). The fact that Yath's newsletter was my favourite newsletter of 2021 shows that small creators can compete with the big dogs. The things I like about Mindfully are: it's succinct, it shares a single good self-development tip every week and that it has an aesthetic hand-drawn image, created by the author, at the top of the newsletter.
  2. Snail Mail (by Slow Growth). The actual topic discussed in these newsletters is good but I often find that the linked resources are even better. I've found a variety of articles linked in the "Content we're loving" section from how to optimise your iPhone to maps showing the wind patterns of the world.
  3. Sunday Snippets (by Ali Abdaal). It's no surprise that Ali again features. I like his newsletter because I get a short insight into what he's been thinking and doing in the preceding week, which has a candidness that doesn't come across in all his YouTube videos.


  1. Sahil Bloom. Sahil writes some amazing threads on self-development, business and frameworks. Here's one of my favourites.
  2. Sahil Lavingia. The Sahils are bringing their A-game to Twitter. Sahil usually writes wisdom-filled one-liners, which is a nice change from the huge threads that normally populate my feed.
  3. Andrew D. Huberman, PhD. Dr Huberman distills insights from really interesting research that has been shown to improve different aspects of our life. The topics range from sleep, to cold exposure therapy to emotional regulation. If you don't have time to listen to his podcast, then his tweets act as a great summary.


  1. UI Gradient. Great digestible content on designing websites, products and apps.
  2. Pete's Pirate Life. Aesthetic and moody af product shots.
  3. withnithu. I thought I'd share the work of a local photographer, who also happens to me one of my friends, who takes amazing drone photos of the coast of Australia.

So those are my favourite creators of 2021. Thanks for taking the time to check the list out!

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