About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Kajanan.

Welcome to my home on the internet.

Since you probably don't know me, here's what I'd probably say if I was on a first date with you:

  • I’m currently in my 5th (and final woo!) year of medical school.
  • Even though I'm heading down a pretty well-defined career pathway that has been trodden by many people before me, I’m still trying to find my true purpose and discover the things that give me the greatest enjoyment. I have a feeling this will only involve working in clinical medicine part-time, so I'm currently spending a lot of my free time trying to diversify my interests. My other interests include reading, taking photos, playing board games, hanging out with friends/family, doing exercise. All pretty 'normal' things I'd say.
  • Health and fitness are important to me. I used to be big into most sports—soccer, cricket, netball, touch football—you name it, I was in. I still am, but more so in a social sense. Now I find that I'm gravitating towards running. There's no better high than the endorphin rush from successfully finishing a painful interval run.
  • I enjoy teaching which is why I work as an Anatomy tutor for the University of Newcastle.

Now here's what I'd add once we got to know each other better:

  • I enjoy consuming content relating to self development, philosophy, entrepreneurship and psychology. If you've got an interesting question or idea, tweet at me (@kajanan_n).
  • I'm kind've obsessed with making and measuring progress.
  • Having the freedom to spend my time how I want to is the second most important thing in the world to me (behind the health of my family, my friends and I).
  • I love creating. I do this through three main media: 1) I have a YouTube channel, 2) I take photos, 3) I enjoy thinking and writing, so naturally I started my own blog.
  • I'm fascinated by the idea of starting a business but I haven't pulled the trigger on anything beyond starting this YouTube channel (which technically isn't a business in my eyes since I've only sunk money into it and haven't earnt a single cent yet). However, I do aspire to work part-time in Medicine, part-time as a YouTuber/writer and part-time running a business.

You might be thinking, "Who does this guy think he is creating his own website?" Or maybe you're not, but I needed a way to segue into the next segment, so ...

I created this website for a few reasons.

  1. To write about anything and everything I'm interested in.
  2. To share my thoughts on, and experiences in, life, which will hopefully be of some benefit to others.
  3. To invest in myself and create a personal brand that I can build upon throughout my life.
  4. To summarise information about personal development that I've found useful in my own journey and disseminate it so that you don't have to waste your time finding these proverbial needles within a haystack yourselves.
  5. To provide information about the pathway to a career in medicine and share medical resources and notes that I've created and found useful.
  6. To take an active role in improving the education of students, not just in the classroom or lecture hall, but in their personal lives as well.
  7. To flex my creative muscles and work on my writing skills.
  8. To give myself a public home on the internet and leave a legacy of the things I've created.
  9. To think more, articulate my thoughts and be more decisive in everyday life.
  10. To create an environment where it's socially accepted to be vulnerable and openly talk about even the 'weird' aspects of ourselves.

It goes without saying (but I wanted to mention it anyways since disclaimers are essential when creating publicly) that I am in no way an expert or guru on anything that I write about. Whether it be medical-related or personal development-related; I’m just a guy in his mid-twenties (wow who would've thought I'd be saying that already) sharing his thoughts on the world.

I genuinely hope that you find value here. If you do (or don't), consider getting in touch.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. You can check out a full list of my articles here.