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#9 - The end

The end of this email newsletter (for now).
#9 - The end

As quickly as it started, it's time for me to cease writing this weekly email newsletter.

I've realised that I don't have as much to say as I thought, especially now that I'm enjoying Medicine again and immersing myself in it—I have much less time to think about non-medical things than I once did.

I will still create blog posts sporadically and I'll even email the odd one out if I think it's worth sharing, but otherwise, you won't hear from me via email for a while.

I'll continue posting YouTube videos fortnightly (for now).

I'm sure in the future I'll return to writing this email newsletter, perhaps starting at fortnightly or monthly.

But for now, as my exams (and my subsequent graduation) approaches, I realise that I'm not giving this newsletter the time or effort it deserves, and in turn am wasting all of our time.

Thank you for bothering to stick around for as long as you have.


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