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#1 - Another email newsletter 👀

#1 - Another email newsletter 👀

Can you believe that there are seven (7) whole people signed up to this newsletter!? (And only five of them are alt accounts I created).


Welcome to the first instalment of this new weekly email newsletter that I'm trying out.

I haven't come up with a name just yet (which is probably a good sign).

Usually when I start a new project, I spend an eternity trying to come up with a good name.

In fact, a week or two ago, I tried to launch this very same email newsletter, but I didn't even manage to publish a single article because I couldn't get past the name-making stage.

If you don't believe me, check out the Revue website that I created for it.

Vitamin K, what a ridiculous name (actually... I kinda like it, but I'm not sure if it's a great name for a newsletter).

If I had a dollar every time I stopped a project because I couldn't come up with a name for it, I'd have at least $3.

Anyways, I hope that this will be the first of many episodes, but in reality my discipline might dissipate after sending out this issue.

So, to try and counteract this, I'm implenting a restriction on myself. I'm only allowing myself to spend a maximum of one hour per week writing it.

This will lower the friction required to get started and prevent my perfectionistic tendencies get in the way of consistency.

I know that simply by releasing this newsletter every week, I'll become a better and more efficient writer.

Unfortunately for you, this means you'll have to suffer through these initial instalments, which will likely be rambly and pretty garbage.

But that also means that you'll get the great fortune of witnessing me blossom into a great writer.

So you're probably thinking, what can I expect from this newsletter?

Realistically, I hope to use this as a public journal, to share at least one insight—or piece of knowledge that I've learnt—in a personal, honest and (hopefully) concise way.

I'll also share resources to things that I've found interesting, useful or entertaining.

I subscribe to a bunch of email newsletters that I never actually open, because even though I know they contain really useful information, they're packaged too densely or they're too intimidating for me to ever find the time to explore.

I want to do the opposite with this newsletter.

I want to make this so personal that it feels like I'm sitting right next to you and whispering in your ear.

Na, I just want this to feel like I'm chatting to you like a friend and bringing you along on my journey through life...

Well that's one issue down, here's to (at least) a hundred more 🥂


Resource #1 - Tweet

I find the above to be an interesting reflection of society that applies more broadly than only business founders.

Just last week, I was torn apart by an Anaesthetics consultant for not being confident in the answers that I was providing to her questions.

I would often respond to her questions with, "I think ..." or "I'm not sure, but I believe...".

She told me she would much prefer me to just say the answer without the hedging.

The thing is, I wasn't confident in the answers I provided. If I had been, then I wouldn't have used that passive terminology. Why should I fake confidence?

But, for some reason, society rewards people for being outwardly confident even if they say/do the wrong thing, rather than individuals who acknowledge their limitations and provide an answer with the stipulation that they're uncertain of their correctness.

And we wonder why medical errors are a significant issue in healthcare systems across the world...

Resource #2 - YouTube Videos

These two videos were an interesting series by a PGY3 doctor, originally from the UK, who had completed a year working in Australia and reflected on her experiences and the difficult decision she was in the process of making about going back to the UK vs. remaining in Australia.

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